CWP ProClean HOME™ Outdoor Furniture & Fabric Cleaner

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CWP ProClean HOME™ Outdoor Furniture & Fabric Cleaner is designed to clean and remove dirt, mold, mildew, algae & more from your outdoor furniture, cushions, umbrellas, rugs, mats and more. It can be used for everyday cleaner and to remove those tough buildup of contaminants from winter storage. It can even be used on toys stored outdoors and protective covers on boats, grills, equipment and swimming pools.

  • Easy to Use
  • No Solvents & chlorine bleach & non-flammable
  • Designed for outdoor furniture, fabrics and carpet
  • Professional Grade Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Removes Mold, Mildew, Algae, Tree Sap & More
  • Will not fade or “bleach” fabrics or affect integrity

It’s important to have cleaning products you can trust to get the job done. The last thing you want is to invest more time and effort into cleaning than need be. With our professional cleaning products online, you can rest assured that your outdoor furniture and other fabrics will shine. Order your CWP ProClean HOME™ Outdoor Furniture & Fabric Cleaner today!

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  • UPC 611864545967 (32oz)


CWP ProClean HOME™ Outdoor Furniture & Fabric Cleaner uses CWP’s proprietary blend of cleaners to break dirt, mold, mildew and algae, pollen, insect and animal waste, tree sap, smoke residue from all surfaces. Its deep penetrating formula is perfect for breaking down contaminant that have had month to grow and accumulate. (See our Science page for more.)

CWP ProClean HOME™ Outdoor Furniture & Fabric Cleaner

  • Deep Penetrating Formula – Breaks down dirt, mold, mildew & algae
  • Safe for Fabrics – CWP ProClean Home™ Won’t fading, discolor fabric or affect integrity.
  • Ready to use – Spray on, allow to work and rinse with water
  • SAFE – No Toxic Fumes, solvents or abrasives, non-flammable and safe to around people, pets and plants when used as directed.

Weight 592 oz
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 12 in

32oz (2 Pack), 32oz (6 Pack Case)

Multiple Surfaces

  • Patio, deck & pool deck furniture
  • Carpet, rugs & fabrics
  • Plastic, vinyl and canvas
  • Can be used on seat cushion and patio rugs
  • Use as a spot Pretreater before laundering outdoor fabrics
  • Use on Grill, Boat, Equipment & Pool covers
  • Use on fabric awning and patio umbrellas
  • Use on camping gear, tents and pop up canopies
  • Cleans out storage boxes & even outdoor toys

Cleans these problems

  • Discoloration of seat cushions
  • Restore color of Patio Umbrella
  • Removes mold, mildew and the odors they cause
  • Dissolves smoke residue from using the grill
  • Dirt, pollen, plant stains from outdoor carpets and rugs
  • Removed tree sap & pine tars from outdoor fabrics
  • Food and drink stains on patio furniture
  • Removes pet stains and odors on deck furniture
  • Cleans mildew & smells from camping gear and tents

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1 review for CWP ProClean HOME™ Outdoor Furniture & Fabric Cleaner

  1. Bob Semens

    It did what I bought it to do, which was remove mildew and grime off my patio furniture after sitting out all fall, winter, and some of spring. Impressed.

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