CWP ProClean AUTO™ Tire & Rim Cleaner

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  • Easy to Use
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Breaks Down Dirt, Oil, Grease, Brake Dust, Tar, Insects & more!
  • Tires, Rims and White Walls
  • Safe to Use on Clear Coat
  • Cleans Metal, Paint, Clearcoat, Plastic & more!

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CWP ProClean AUTO™ Tire & Rim Cleaner is a professional grade cleaner and degreaser specifically formulated to clean tires, wheels and rims on your car truck, RV or ATV.  CWP ProClean AUTO™  Tire & Rim Cleaner removes grease and grime, oil and dirt, brake dust, road salts and brine from tires and rims. Its easy to use, begins to works on contact and rinses with water. Safe to use on metal, chrome, paint, clearcoat, rubber, tires, white walls, plastic, fiberglass, carpet and more. It won’t harm clear coat finishes. It’s chemically designed and PH boosted for easy lifting power of dirt and stains.

CWP ProClean AUTO™ Tire & Rim Cleaner contains no acids, no solvents, no toxic fumes, no chlorine bleach and is non-flammable. It can safely be used to clean area near tires and rims like road tar of fenders, dirt and mud on wheel well liners, grease and oils on brake calipers and more. Tip: Use CWP ProClean AUTO™ Tire & Rim Cleaner on calipers before painting for better adhesion of paint.

CWP ProClean AUTO™ Tire & Rim Cleaner

  • Powerful – Deep penetrating formula quickly releases dirt and road grime
  • Brightening – Whitens tire lettering and restores rims
  • No Hard Scrubbing- Deep penetrating formula loosens dirt & grime for easy wiping with a soft cloth.
Weight 592 oz
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 12 in

32oz (2 Pack), 32oz (6 Pack Case), Gallon (4 Pack Case), Gallon Bottle

Multiple Surfaces

It’s perfect for cleaning inside and outside, including:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Clearcoat
  • Paint
  • Vinyl

Cleans these problems

Here’s a sample of some of the problems it cleans:

  • Mud and dirt
  • Break Dust
  • Road Tar
  • Road Grime
  • Salt and Brine Deposits
  • Exhaust Residue
  • Grease and oils
  • Bugs and Insect waste

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